User Guide

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Some of the LOOK’s features are:

Frontend user registration

Register yourself and connect people

Frontend user login

Login Now↗

Frontend user profiles 

Avatars and cover images

Frontend MEMBER listing

with search and filtering

User profiles

User can create own posts

Use Background in Post

Edit, Delete & Manage Posts

React to any Post

Comment on posts

Unique Views counter

On user posts

Create Groups with F&F

Chat with Friends & Members

More Cool Features

User Hover cards


Custom Reactions on user posts

Scheduled Posts are published at a specified time and date

Customizable Profile Fields with multiple/single select, date, text, country and more options…

Blog Posts integration with comments and reactions

Activity Stream of the entire community

Activity Stream filtering

Activity Stream for user profiles

Search in Activity Stream Posts

Users can share their status updates with different privacy settings

Real-time onsite user notifications

User email notifications

Digest notification system

Notification previews

Dedicated user roles

External links redirect warning

Markdown support in Posts, Comments and user Profile Fields

Built-in security including brute force protection

Nested Comments under user posts within your community

Pinned Posts – these are great for making announcements

Post and Comment edit history indication

LOOK Profile widget with real time notifications

LOOK Online Members widget showing who’s online

LOOK Latest Members widget showing latest members

LOOK Hashtags widget showing tag cloud of the most used hashtags in posts throughout the entire community.

LOOK UserBar Widget showing user navigation and notifications anywhere on your site

Coherent configuration

Dashboard with an Overview of your Community

RTL support

Built-in community SEO & OG configuration

Ability to share user profiles to other networks like: Facebook, Twitter etc.

Ability to share user posts to other networks like: Facebook, Twitter etc.

Built-in GDPR Compliance Settings

Easy assets, css, template overrides

Location for Posts and profiles

Tagging users in posts and comments

Moods for posts

Stability – it’s rock solid! You can sleep well and not worry about anything.

Upgrades will never break anything on your site.

Works out of the box – 1st time. Everytime. Period.

Always ahead of the curve. We’re ready to support latest WP, PHP, MySQL and more.