What is the origin of Coronavirus? Truth exposed

Questions of Pandemic Origins

Public opinion on coronavirus origin
public opinions covid 19 origins

How does the invisible force of the world’s richest families rule over the world’s leaders, governments and their media (CFR) and the Federal Reserve Bank as well as all of the World’s Central Banks?

With, well over 700 trillion dollars of holdings at pre-pandemic levels the Rothschild family rules the world and holds the Nov. 2018 patent to the Corona Virus and they also own an animal vaccine laboratory located, just south of Wuhan, China.

They are just one, of a dozen families, who are very interested in the depopulation of the world. Together using their pharmaceutical, fossil fuel and military industries, they all help in completing their mission of depopulation of the planet.

The first signs of the virus were found in the sewers in Barcelona, Spain – March of 2019. Why is this rarely mentioned? This family is encouraged to reside in strategic locations of the world. All the pieces come together when you look into Rockefeller Medicine (WHO) and the corruption of health care systems throughout the world. Dig deeper if you, want to know. Watch this podcast:

Truth Exposed!

They help some in order to ultimately save the planet from the ravishes of overpopulation, pollution and the climate crisis, how ironic. We need to be fair and balanced.
Here is an explaining podcast :

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